About Chip

I have been a drummer since I was 10 years old. I continued playing the drums until I graduated High School, then let it go. About 3 years ago, my wife and I were sitting around the house with some friends of ours, enjoying a few adult beverages, when I was talked into getting my sons drum kit out and playing to some music. I never looked back after that. We went to look for a drum kit for my other son, who decided he wanted to learn the guitar instead, so I bought a new drum kit.

I put an add out looking for other musicians who were interested in getting together and playing music, and to see where this would go. After several auditions of people, I have found a great blend of musical talent, personalities and new friends. I am very thankful to my family for putting up with the noise, long hours and commitment to this project. I look forward to keeping this project going for a long time and entertaining all of you.