About NovaCell

As a very young child the desire to be involved with music, for me was undeniable. And even with a variety of other interests, with the exception of my family, nothing else has affected me in a more profound, even spiritual way as music. With few exceptions, it is when I am enwrapped in music that I feel, well, complete. And although I played with a variety of bands throughout my teenage and early adult years, all were unknowns. Then, in my young twenties, I took on my most important roll to date, that of a father. Shortly after the birth of my daughters, I ventured out and started my own business, so music became more of a passing fancy. And although a taste here or dabble there, my life choices then simply did not allow for the time and dedication to play out.

Now, 25 years or so later, with the blessing of the most beautiful, loving and supportive woman I have ever known, I am finally able to do the thing I've wanted to do my entire life. And fulfilling my desire with a "family" of incredible musicians and support team that are FINAL ORDER, this is truly A DREAM COME TRUE. I look forward to meeting and performing for all of you F.O. fans in the future. I will do my best to insure with Final Order it is ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! See Yaz Soon!